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Blood and Electronics: Don’t Miss the Stunning New Lusine Arterial Video

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The new music video for Lusine, like the track itself, is almost sickeningly stomach-turning, it's so beautiful. Director Christophe Thockler has made an epic opus. The last time we caught up with Thockler, he had se...

4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel Subjected to More Rigorous Scratch Tests, May Not Be Sapphire

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Last week, a video posted by YouTube user Marques Brownlee showed the alleged front panel of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 being put through a number of scratch tests and significant bending. Now, Brownlee has released anothe...

Wooden Haus M by Exit Architects is a skiing and hiking retreat in Austria

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This cube-shaped holiday home in Austria's mountainous Vorarlberg region was designed by Spanish studio Exit Architects to contrast with its more traditional neighbours (+ slideshow). (more...) ...

What Is a Living Building? (15 photos)

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We've all heard of a sustainable building, but what about a living building? That's the focus of the International Living Future Institute's more Source: Houzz

Buzz Aldrin: Second Man on the Moon, But First to Take a Space Selfie

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This weekend is the ... more Source: Gizmodo

How The Big 5 Publishers Hobbled The Amazon Unlimited Launch

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Amazon Unlimited was dubbed the Netflix of books. That is correct as long as you imagine a Netflix consisting of an endless array of low-budget indie releases and some major small studio filks. In truth, Amazon's new...

​WineGlass Uses Your iPhone’s Camera to Rate Wines

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iOS: Some of us aren't quite sure difference between a Malbec and a Merlot. We get a bit overwhelmed by the wine list at a restaurant. Wine Glass scans the wine list for you and makes suggestions on which wines to or...

Transform Sounds for Free, with Tools Made with MeeBlip anode by Diego Stocco

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The technique is called convolution, and it uses the power of digital audio theory to combine sounds, as if one is heard “inside” another. And if you've heard of it before, you probably associate it with ...

Concrete Voidwall house by AND is punctured by glazed incisions

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Glazed voids run up the sides and over the roof of this concrete house by South Korean studio AND, giving each room its own enclosed patio and increasing the flow of light inside (+ slideshow). (...

Apple Responds to Chinese State-Run Media Warning Against iOS Location Tracking [iOS Blog]

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Earlier this week, China's state-run media broadcast labeled the iPhone a "national security concern" over Apple's Location Services feature found in iOS 7, with the country's researchers stating that the data could ...