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SoundCloud Explains Their New Plans to Us – And How Ads Will Work

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Money at SoundCloud has in the past flowed in one direction: you, the uploader, pay for premium plans, and SoundCloud gets the cash. Now, for the first time, money is going the other way – from the service to a...

Guest Picks: Get Antiques-Fair Style Right From Home (20 photos)

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When September comes into view, I have to admit I get a bit excited — OK, a lot excited. Not only am I relieved that the summer heat is on its way out, but I'm also superpumped about more Source: Houzz

Tula House by Patkau Architects cantilevers over a remote outcrop

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This Canadian house by Patkau Architects is anchored to a rock by steel rods so that it treads lightly on the ground and cantilevers above the Pacific Ocean. (more...) more Source...

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With E-Mail Newsletters Right Now

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E-mail newsletters are so hot right now. Some of the best known are by Ann Friedman, Alexis Madrigal, Dan Hon and Rusty Foster. There's a web ring for e-mail newsletters now, but really the best newsletters are secre...

Image of Redesigned Apple USB Power Adapter Surfaces

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A new image said to be of a redesigned Apple USB power adapter has been shared by a user on Weibo (Google Translate, via Gizmobic), hinting that Apple's supposed new Lightning cable may be released alongside a new cha...

Wait Three Months Before Taking a Vacation at a New Job

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When we start a new job, some of us aren't sure when the best time is to request vacation. Experts interviewed by Business Insiders say three months.... more Source: Lifehacker

Kickball Ice Cream Maker Ensures You Earned That Tasty Dessert

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Making ice cream is pretty easy: Basically, all you do is churn some milk and sugar in an ice-cold container. Usually, that container is a tub-shaped thing with a crank, but it could take any shape. Even, say, a ... ...

More Photos Point Toward 1,810 mAh Battery for 4.7-Inch iPhone 6

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Last month, a (Click for larger) The one battery shown in closeup does include a manufacturing date of June, making it several months old, while the original leaked battery had a more recent manufacturing date of Jul...

Houzz Tour: A Contemporary Retreat on a British Moor (14 photos)

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West Yard Farm in Dartmoor, a moorland area in Devon, England, is a home of two halves, with an original 18th-century granite farmhouse on one side and its barn on the other. A flat-roofed extension had been construct...

Perforated shutters fold back to reveal apartments at Sucre 4444 by Esteban-Tannenbaum

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Perforated metal shutters give this Buenos Aires apartment building by Esteban-Tannenbaum Architects an ever-changing facade (+ slideshow). (more...) more Source: Dezeen